A journey and a destination. Recovery happens here!

Volunteer for The PEER Center

The PEER Center is committed to the recovery of all individuals who live with mental illness, addiction, and trauma. Each person who enters our doors, without regard to where they are on their recovery journey, is extended a warm welcome.  Everyone receives all the hospitality we have to offer and is embraced by all that we value.

We Value:

  • Clear, honest, and open communication conveyed with mutual respect;
  • The right of individuals to a quality of life that is safe, happy, and peaceful;
  • The experience, struggles, and leadership of individuals who are engaged in the journey of recovery;
  • Encouragement and acceptance of individuals wherever they are in this journey;
  • The whole individual: mind, body, and spirit.
Most of all, we value and strive to model and instill HOPE...
… that with time, patience, support, and respect, we can work to understand our mental conditions and those things and situations that trigger us;
...that we can learn what helps, what hinders, and what empowers ourselves to take control of our own recovery and growth;
...that we can overcome and move past those things that feed our addictions;
...that we can survive our childhood and adult traumas;
...that mental illness, addiction, and trauma does not define us, nor are they the end of our stories;
...that our lives will have meaning today, tomorrow, and all our future tomorrows.
If these values resonate with you and you would like to support us in this important and needed work, see below for how you can help with financial or material gifts, and / or your gifts of time.

Donating is Simple!

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Peer Center Peers Enriching Each Others Recovery

Daily Hospitality

(beverages, snacks, supplies--sealed, unexpired only)

  • Coffee station
  • Regular or decaf coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • Sugar, artificial sweetener
  • Creamer
  • 8 oz cups (disposable)
  • Bottled water
  • Dry snacks (i.e., bagged cookies, chips, nuts, etc.)
  • Ready-to-eat perishables
  • Fresh or bagged ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt

Volunteer Engagement

(Socialization) activities - two-hour blocks)

  • General socialization
  • Cards, games, karaoke
  • Arts and crafts instructors
  • Artistic expression (i.e. live music, etc)
  • Interfaith spiritual encouragement
  • Computer skills 101
  • Holiday socialization- two-hour blocks

Stock Our Shelves

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music

Funding for Outings

(Tickets, etc.)

  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Theater


  • Gas cards for van
  • Van repair/detailing

Tax Deductions

Your fully tax deductible gift via cash, check, money order, or credit card donation is much appreciated.  Conveniently donate with your credit card via PayPal by clicking the donate button below.  Send checks or money orders payable to The PEER Center, 750 East Broad Street, Ste 100, Columbus, Ohio 43205.  For a cash donation, contact us at (614) 453-4830, to make arrangements.  The PEER Center (Peers Enriching Each others’ Recovery) thanks YOU for supporting our efforts to continue instilling HOPE!